Who are we?

BEYOND CONSTELLATION, LDA is a young, dynamic and versatile company which aims to meet the needs of its customers. BEYOND CONSTELLATION, LDA operates in the market as the purchasing department of its customers, providing them with the best solutions at a fair price. The company has its own private warehouse for efficient merchandise handling and storage in order to achieve maximum organization of container-based transportation. As a result, the client can receive any item ordered with only one import process.
Our philosophy at BEYOND CONSTELLATION, LDA is to meet our customer’s needs and expectations regardless of their nationality and the suppression of the needs at several levels.

Who is Who?



BEYOND CONSTELLATION, LDA, established in 2019, is a privately-owned international trading company which is dedicated to the wholesale trade in general, from first material for the chemical industry, actual COVID20 medical products, to everyday goods, electrical equipment, office supplies, construction material, tires, uniforms, home furnishings and textiles, as well as other products.

Our Team

Wim Van Hooydonk

General Director


José Adrego

External accountant

Abel Coupeau

Financial Director


Jonathan Nicolo

Partner, Authorised seller/agent


Massimo Buresti

Partner, International Sales Manager


Edvard Pokimica

International Account Manager


Dr. A. Benchenane

Legal Department


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Rua Comendador Raínho, 1192

3700-231 S. João da Madeira Portugal

+352 27867085

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